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TCNJ Authorized Users (Auxiliary Access)

An Authorized User is an individual who has been granted permission to view and discuss a student’s billing, financial aid, and/or education records. TCNJ students are eligible to grant this access to up to three individuals with whom they wish to share their account details. Once enrolled as Authorized Users, these individuals are granted auxiliary access to the College’s information system (PAWS), where they can log in to complete the following tasks:

  • View financial aid
  • View the student To-Do list
  • View the bill
  • View education records

Authorized Users are also eligible to discuss pertinent account details with TCNJ officials, who would otherwise only be able to discuss this information directly with the student. Students can sign up an Authorized User by following the instructions.

The College of New Jersey has implemented this auxiliary access system in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This act allows the College to disclose a student’s account details, billing information, and education records to third party individuals, provided that direct consent from the student is on file. Students may provide this consent by creating an auxiliary account for each of their Authorized Users. By creating auxiliary accounts, the student authorizes the College to allow Authorized Users to view a student’s bill and/or education directory and non-directory (grades, class schedule, etc.) records.

In an effort to maintain confidentiality and security, The College of New Jersey has initiated a number of steps to ensure a student’s privacy. The Authorized User model is a notable effort to support student success by allowing students to manage their student records and to provide access to those who support that success.

For information on student privacy rights and FERPA go to Record and Registration’s website.