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I’m signed up as an Authorized User (Auxiliary Access), but I’m having trouble logging in.

The username must be typed in all capital letters and the password is case sensitive to how it was typed when the Authorized User (Auxiliary Access) profile was set up. If the login information still does not work, the password can be reset by your student through his or her PAWS account. They can do this by following the instructions on the Edit an Existing Authorized User’s Access page.

How can I get my password or my PIN reset?

Your student is the only person with access to the Authorized User (Auxiliary Access) password and/or PIN. He or she will have to reset this information through his or her PAWS account. This can be done by following the instructions on the Edit an Existing Authorized User’s Access page.

My student is having trouble logging into PAWS, who can he or she contact?

The Help Desk in Green Hall room 6, online at the help desk’s website or via phone at (609) 771-2660

I’m trying to pay the bill online, but can’t get past choosing to pay by e-check or credit card.

After you choose to pay be either credit card or e-check and the system brings you back to the previous page in PAWS, it’s because your internet browser has a popup blocker on. Once that is turned off, you’ll be able to select your payment type and another window or tab will open, and you can enter the appropriate payment information.

Why can’t I accept or decline my student’s financial aid?

Your student can give you access to see the financial aid on his or her account, but only the student can accept or decline the aid he or she has been offered.

When I’m logged into PAWS and I go to certain parts of my student’s account, I get an error saying I’m unauthorized to view this information.

You can only view what your student has given you permission to view. If you have not been given permission to view the bill, for example, when you click on the “view bill” link and error will come up saying that you are not authorized to view this screen. If you would like access to information you do not have, you must speak to your student.

I can’t figure out how to use PAWS.

Please review the step-by-step instructions about using PAWS to access the various screens that your student has granted you access to. Find these instructions on the Using Paws page.